God Like Crazy

career1Certainly, we have many plans in our life. For our college, career, future, and etc. Oftentimes, we failed or some incidents that we thought it was good, but in the reality wasn’t always good. Sometimes, I have a plan for my college and I thought it was good. I planned everything about it, but in the fact I couldn’t reach that. I said, “Why God?” And so you agree with me right? We used to impose our plans to God, because we think that our plans are the best.

God’s plan is always the best because it is always beautiful in His time, the Words of God said that He always makes everything beautiful in His time. As stated plan of God is never too late or too early because everything is given to us just in time.

Likewise, when we have problems don’t be anxious because behind every problems happen in this life nothing happens by chance, everything has always a purpose and objective of the good Lord. So we should have positive thoughts and keep believing in Him, certainly there is God’s wonderful plan for us.

As human being, we often do not understand God’s plan, sometimes we think that God is like crazy. Due to incidents or problems that happened in our life, we think that God’s plan was confusing, but if we remain faithful and put hope in God, we will see the work of God so wonderfully in our life. Because everything happens for a reason. And we need to keep learning to be able to participate in His plan. Never deviate from His way, because only God’s plan alone will bring us to the goal. Therefore, if today we don’t know God’s plan, still believing, because God will not lead us to a bad thing. Just God’s purpose is always the best for our life. Even, it is more than we ever think before.

The Bible say in Job 42:2, “I know that You can do eveything, And that no purpose of Yours can be with held  from You”

“So whatever happens in your life, keep and still trusting in Him that it is always good for us and the best. Keep believing and be grateful to the Lord until we see the fulfillment of His plans are beautiful.” – Elizabeth Katharina S


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