When You Think, You Cannot

I have an experience, last month I got a responsibility to be a worship leader in English Service. When I heard that nomination, I was shocked and with a spontaneous response I replied, “No, I don’t want, believe me I cannot” but one of my friend said, “Yes, you can and you must do that! You cannot reject this big opportunity, and you must do that, Oh come on this is for His glory.” And than in few moments I said, “Ok, I will do that.”


stressedOne week before the time, I felt really stressed out. And I talked to myself, “Oh, why me? Why me God? Oh, comeon, how can I do this?” but when I took a time to pray and read the Bible, I’m reprimanded with this verse on Luke 16:10 “How who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much, and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.”


When i read this verse, I’m so blessed and pray and made a decision, “Dear God, when I took with this responsibility, I want You to guide me and give me Your guidance and let Your pretension happened.” And the time came, I have to lead the worship in the English Service. And when I led the worship session, God gave the best of me to praise and worship Him, and Praise the Lord many of our friends were blessed with the worship songs we sang, with all of the whole English Service session. I thank God for His bless to me and gave me the strength. I know, I cannot do that if I do with myself, but with God who gives me strength I can say I will do that. I learn something with this case to be more braver to develop my talent.


“If you think you can’t, take some time to pray and ask Him let His pretension happens and God will give you the ability to hold this responsibility and let your problems away because God loves His children and won’t let them down.” – Elizabeth Katharina S


God bless!


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